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Today, the web world is not only limited to desktop computers. People use multiple devices for browsing the web. They often surf the Internet on their smartphones as they carry it around with them. In this scenario, it is essential that your website functions effortlessly on both mobile devices and personal computers. As the top responsive Web Designing Company India, we design your website in such a way that your target audience enjoy an optimal viewing experience. It makes it easy for them to read or view the content, reduces re-sizing requirements, and enables scrolling easy across devices ranging from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets.

Responsive web designing is no longer a trend. It is a necessity now. In this digital era, people need to access and view the World Wide Web on multiple devices. Therefore, responsive web Design is the way forward. It works perfectly well even on devices that switch orientation from portrait to landscape instantaneously or when users change over to a laptop or an iPad from a large personal computer. Media queries enable the page to make use of varied CSS style rules depending on the characteristics of each device on which the site is required to be displayed. Most commonly, the characteristic that is sought is the width of the browser. Images are also resized in relative terms so as to prevent them from presenting outside the elements that contain them.

Responsive Web Designing What Do We Do

As a responsible web designing agency Kochi, we at Web Destiny create web pages that can be easily navigated on the screens of devices of different sizes. In technical terms, this is referred to as responsive web development. While designing such sites, we keep in mind certain key aspects such as clear readability, fluid navigation, and elimination of horizontal scrolling at any cost. Further, the websites are designed in such a way that they can be accessed from any device. Moreover, the call to action will not only be simple but also clear to the people who visit your website.

When it comes to responsive web designing, another important trend that we will definitely be incorporating in your websites is the presence of components that are touch-screen friendly. Finally, the professional web designers in our team create websites that offer a great deal of flexibility with different buttons for screens of different sizes and fluid width layouts. The table-forms are eliminated as much as possible.

Responsive Web Designing Platforms and Tools We Employ

As a top web designing agency in Cochin, we employ the following platforms and tools for web design:


The open-source and free front-end framework Bootstrap is used for designing not only websites but also web applications. It consists of CSS- and HTML-based design templates for forms, typography, buttons, navigation and many other interface components. It also offers JavaScript extensions as an option.


Foundation consists of a set of front-end frameworks that enable the design of beautiful and responsive websites, emails, and apps. It is semantic, flexible, readable, and completely customizable. In fact, Foundation makes available a responsive grid and CSS and HTML user interface templates, components, and code snippets. They include typography, forms, navigation, and buttons, among others. The open source project offers JavaScript extensions as an optional functionality.


The basis of the open-source and free content management system WordPress is PHP and MySQL. It has a template system and plugin architecture. Though it is mostly linked to blogging, it also supports responsive web designing. WordPress has been used for creating over 60 million websites. It includes more than 30 percent of the best 10 million websites. As such, it is one of the most common website management systems in use.


Drupal and Joomla are both free, open source content management frameworks. For about 2.3 percent of the websites worldwide, it offers a back-end framework. The websites range from corporate sites and personal blogs to government and political sites. Joomla can be used independently of the CMS as well.

Responsive Web Designing Planning

As a leading responsive web designing company India, we know that the main objective of your website is promoting your products and services. That is why we plan efficiently and effectively when designing your website so that you connect well with your customers. While planning the design, we observe the following rules:


Your website’s structure is decided on the basis of the type of audience you want to attract and your business style.


Most of the web users just spend about half a minute on any website prior to deciding whether they should continue to stay on the site or go to some other site.


As a dedicated web designing agency Kochi, we present your content in such a manner that it offers useful and relevant information to your target audience without overloading them with data.

Why Choose Web Destiny For Responsive Web Designing Service

We ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

We are a reputed web designing agency in Cochin and we keep you informed of the progress of website design work on a regular basis by submitting reports on time.

We make sure that the solutions provided are effective and provide the desired results within the mutually agreed time period.

At Web Destiny, we Highly Dedicated team of web designers.

We ensure ‘Fluid Navigation’, meaning navigating your website will be a smooth affair.

We make sure that the annoying horizontal scrolling is not required when accessing your website on screens of any size or resolution.

As a leading responsive web designing service provider, we create a logically planned layout based on a clear understanding of user experience.

We are focused on keeping codes and elements completely W3C validated.

We do extensive standardized tests using special software.

The professional designers at Web Destiny always make sure that proper Call-To-Action buttons are included on pages.

Finally, as a responsible responsive web designing company, we provide services that are highly affordable.


We do not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but we also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO friendly web design, pay per click, affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization, branding and several others.

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