mobile application testing

Mobile Application Testing – The basics you need to know. Learn more about mobile application testing, its basics, and different types. Estimations say that by the year of 2020, the number of smartphones will be 5.5 billion. We are living in an era where Smartphones are indeed getting smarter day by day. Smartphones contribute almost 50% of website views worldwide. Mobile applications also created a sensation among the marketers. In 2017, 197 billion mobile app downloads happened which will double by the year of 2021. The marketers realized the potential of a......

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seo score through social media

How Social Media Engagement Help SEO People tend to follow social media r egarding the content creation or even content marketing. So content marketers should plan about the social media marketing. Every company follows a particular marketing strategy since the company is established. For content marketers, social media marketing seems important as it connects the target audience with your content. Each online marketer should form a community including readers, potential buyers with whom content could be shared and afterward will be decided whether the product should be brought or not. The people......

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