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Don’t limit your dream just to your imagination! We can help you find a place in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. We have a talented team of mobile app developers in Ernakulam and we have the experience to build mobile apps as per your requirement within your specified budget and timeline. Whether you are looking for iOS app development or Android app development Kochi, we have the expertise to deliver the best results for you.

Web Destiny, an innovative mobile app development company with its headquarters in Kochi, Kerala, serves small, medium, and large businesses within and outside the country, delivering expert and cost-effective solutions. Our strength is our ability to bring together engaging design, efficient and effective technology, and right marketing strategies and help you achieve all your business goals.

Our expert app developers design and develop mobile apps that can run perfectly on specific platforms and on devices of your choice, based on your specific requirements, after gaining a thorough understanding about your brand, products/services, and customers.

Android Mobile App Development

Android Mobile App Development

As the best mobile app development services company, we always offer highly professional, trusted, and quality Android app development services.

The use of Android devices is growing faster than ever before and, therefore, there is a huge demand for Android app development Kochi. A balanced approach is essential to develop high-quality Android apps. The need for moderation in functionality and the significance of aesthetic appeal should be taken into account when creating the user interface. At Web Destiny, we build native Android applications right from scratches to ensure maximum functionality and utmost customization.

Our team of mobile app developers in Ernakulam are fully conversant with technologies such as Android Software Development Kit, WiFi APIs, OpenGL, Location-based Service APIs, Android Media APIs, and Android Security Architecture, among others, to build best-in-class Android apps. The apps that we develop are guaranteed to be optimized for speed, appearance, and performance on Android devices.

iOS Mobile App Development

iOS Mobile App Development

When it comes to iOS app development, we make use of the most recent technologies and create feature-rich apps, incorporating widgets that are not only creative but also effective. The use of Apple devices is on the rise and the latest versions of iOS promise to greatly revolutionize the mobile apps industry.

The market share of iOS is 20.45 percent as of now and is on the rise and great monetization enables iOS apps to generate much higher revenues, especially in the case of high-end businesses. Web Destiny, a key player in the mobile app development industry, offers high-performance native and cross-platform apps for Apple devices. Our expertise in iOS app development ranges from web development services to core native iOS operations such as GPS, augmented reality, in-App purchases, and push messaging which are important for the commercial acceptance of these apps.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid mobile applications bring together the best of both native and web applications. The coding of hybrid apps is done using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. As such, the cost of development and the time required for development are much less. As these apps are less complex in nature, the same code may be put to use on different mobile operating systems. In addition to ensuring easy and quick access to device data, hybrid apps have the capability to work offline. As the best mobile app development services providers, we combine the power of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to develop apps using the latest frameworks like PhoneGap, Sencha, Ionic, and Appcelerator, among others.

As reliable mobile app developers, we at Web Destiny design prototypes/wireframes based on user requirements and persona mapping. We provide you with user-centric designs that are visually pleasing and highly engaging to attract downloads. After finalizing the design, the next step in hybrid mobile app development is bringing to life apps that can be deployed seamlessly across platforms. We then test the hybrid apps thoroughly and carry out code reviews to confirm the performance of the apps. Finally, the apps are tuned to ensure optimal results, even during times of peak load. Through effective monitoring, we also strive to reduce the downtime of the app.

Ionic Mobile App Development

Ionic Mobile App Development

At Web Destiny, we specialize in Ionic app development services. Ionic, an open-source framework, is effective in building hybrid apps that are highly interactive. They work seamlessly across varied platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows as the framework leverages the powers of Angular JS, CSS, and HTML5 to ensure the best user experience and performance. The Ionic framework enables us to provide functionalities such as native mobile apps in alluring designs and smooth user interface.

Affordable Mobile App Development

Affordable Mobile App Development

As a keen player in the field of apps development, we also provide affordable mobile apps development services for small businesses and start-ups.

Why Choose Us For Mobile App Development

Web Destiny is one of the best mobile app development services in India. Our professed goal is to help all types of businesses improve their brand awareness, accessibility, visibility, sales in their niche market.

We have nearly a decade of experience in developing mobile apps and as a full-service web development company we have worked with clients from more than 27 countries around the world.

At Web Destiny, we provide a wide range of mobile apps that work seamlessly on different platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android. Our experience in the field enables us to help businesses meet their objectives of working with varied data and content types as well as their combinations.

We are focused on developing high-quality, customer-centric mobile apps for our clients. For small business owners and start-up companies we offer affordable Android and iOS app development services, making use of modern technologies, strategies, and methodologies.


Mobile App Development Company In India

Mobile apps are very helpful in making our lives simpler and easier in many ways. Numerous mobile applications are being developed for the purpose of simplifying various industrial processes as well. It helps businesses, right from startups to large corporates, to reinforce their brand and improve their visibility and accessibility.

At Web Destiny, a mobile app development company Kochi, we provide quick and hassle-free app development services to your business, irrespective of your niche area of operation. We have a professional team of mobile app developers at our headquarters in Kochi, Kerala, and they employ highly effective development strategies to provide cutting edge services to help meet your business needs. The key features of our mobile app development services include:

  • Creative designs, swift and efficient execution
  • Exceptional user experience
  • A highly experienced team of mobile app developers
  • Customized solutions for iOS and Android platforms
  • Cloud mobility solution
  • App prototyping
  • Elegant, feature-rich, custom native and hybrid android and iOS applications
  • Integration with enterprise data and service that are already there
  • Application maintenance

As end-to-end mobile app developers in India, we have the expertise to cater to the diverse needs of your business. We can develop mobile apps that operate efficiently and effectively on different operating systems and platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. It does not matter whether you want apps developed in the games, ecommerce, or any other niche. Our development teams can come out with the best solutions to suit all your needs. Our skilled mobile app developers, the most precious asset that we can boast of, put in hard work 24/7 to maintain our position among the best mobile app development services providers around the world.

We are a one-stop app development company with nearly a decade of experience in successfully implementing various projects within and outside India. We can create apps of varying complexity and size for both the B2C and B2B segments, and heavy, enterprise-quality mobile solutions that are needed for powering mission-critical processes. As our mobile app development services team consists of senior business analysts, user experience experts, and engineers, we can confidently say that we are well-versed in the development of both native and cross-platform applications that are capable of delivering much more than your expectation. From the formation of the idea to publishing the mobile app, we will ensure that you are fully covered in all respects.

Our End-to End Mobile App Development Services



For the best iOS app development in India, you can come to us. We provide full-cycle app development services to help you take advantage of the great features that Apple’s platform offers.

Our iOS mobile app development team has the ability to create apps for consumers and enterprises, drawing on the varied experience they have gained by implementing projects of different complexities and size. Whatever is your requirement, we make use of the best and latest technologies to create your apps after gaining a thorough understanding of your business.

As the best mobile app developers India, we do much more than creating apps for iPhones and iPads. We have the expertise to cover the whole range of Apple products. When it comes to iOS mobile app development services, our strengths are:

  • A firm understanding of the design guidelines of Apple
  • Ability to develop next-generation retail and mCommerce solutions
  • Ensuring unmatched Security
  • Providing experiences in Augmented Reality


Web Destiny is an Android mobile app development services provider that offers end-to-end solutions for helping you turn your ideas into successful mobile products right from scratch. Our skilled Android app development team creates amazing Android apps not only for consumers but also for enterprises.

As a top mobile app development company Kochi, we support product companies and Venture Capitalists-backed startups businesses to tackle the challenges posed by Android’s openness and help them win a wider base of loyal customers. For large businesses, we provide highly secure and customizable apps that ensure exceptionally robust functionality without compromising the user experience.

Our Android application development expertise is not just limited to smartphones and tablets. We can extend it to even connected devices, wearables, in-car infotainment systems, and smart TVs. Our strengths with respect to Android mobile app development services are:

  • Solid understanding of Google’s guidelines
  • Top-class security
  • Services are extended to connected things as well as wearables
  • Incredible Virtual Reality Experiences


Collaboration and mobility are fast becoming key focus areas for large companies. It is more important now for businesses to be present at the same place as their stakeholders. This means that it should be possible to easily access enterprises across many devices and platforms. As the use of smartphones and tablets continues to grow, mobile apps seem to the most logical option in the days to come.

Hybrid apps are the best-suited option for companies that are looking at quick deployment and cost-effective solutions for use across multiple platforms. When it comes to our hybrid mobile app development services, we use the cross-platform web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 to write the code and enable access to native features as required. This way we leverage all of the features of the phone such as the camera and accelerometers. This is not possible in the case of web apps.



Ionic, an open-source framework for developing hybrid apps, makes building beautiful and interactive apps incredibly easy. Our Ionic mobile app development team members are highly skilled and they create a mesmerizing user interface that provides performances similar to native apps. The Ionic apps perform seamlessly across multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Our industry-leading Ionic app developers combine the power of technologies such as AngularJS, CSS, and HTML5 to unleash the full potential of your mobile app idea.


Welcome to Web Destiny! The Best Android App Development Services Company!!

We will help you to bring your Android app ideas to Life!

Google will continue to maintain the leadership of Android in the market. It is projected that approximately 85 percent of all smartphones shipped worldwide by 2020 will be working on the Android platform. As a result, the Android app industry is booming and Web Destiny has a strong presence in the market as the best Android app development company. Over the years we have developed customized Android apps not only for leading brands and enterprises but also for several startups.

At Web Destiny, we have a team of full-stack Android app development experts that have a strong command of Java, C, C++ HTML, Kotlin, and CSS. They have the experience and expertise to develop high-end Android applications for smartphones, tablets, Android TVs, and wearable devices. Our Android programmers have ability to create apps for most of the categories you find on Google Play Store such as Photo and Video, Health and Fitness, Education and Learning, Banking and Finance, Food and Drinks, Social Networking, Transportation and Logistics, e-commerce and shopping, On-demand Solutions, and Travel and Tourism, among others.

Our Android App Development Process

It all starts with an idea. We will work with you right from this stage and go through the development phase to ensure that the app is published in Google’s Play Store for delivering the desired results. Our expert Android application development team will handle the complete development lifecycle to your complete satisfaction. The steps that we follow for developing apps are:

Assessment of Requirements

The first step of the development process is a thorough analysis of your requirements. This is to get a clear idea of your business and understand your short-term and long-term goals. Once we get to know as to what exactly you are looking for, we will recommend an appropriate solution to your problem.

Wireframing and Designing

Once the suggested solution is conceptually accepted by you, we will start creating a wireframe for the app to enable you to have a visual concept of the proposed app as part of the Android app development process. It will not provide you with any idea as regards the design but will be of great help in understanding as to how the app will work. We are a reliable Android app company and we will move on designing the app only after you accord your concurrence on the functioning of the app as revealed by the wireframe created for each screen.

Wireframing and Designing

Once the suggested solution is conceptually accepted by you, we will start creating a wireframe for the app to enable you to have a visual concept of the proposed app as part of the Android app development process. It will not provide you with any idea as regards the design but will be of great help in understanding as to how the app will work. We are a reliable Android app company and we will move on designing the app only after you accord your concurrence on the functioning of the app as revealed by the wireframe created for each screen.

App Development

In this stage of Android app development process, we start coding the app, laying out the main sections and the non-core sections. Once the app is developed, we will get your feedback as regards its operation.


As the top Android app development company in Kerala, the next step of our development process is testing. The Android app developed by us will be tested for the presence any bugs. We go through a thorough testing process, keeping in mind all the best practices of app development, to ensure that your application is completely free from all kinds of bugs. Finally, we will demonstrate the performance of the app and get your approval before deploying it to the Google PlayStore.


This is the final stage of our Android app development process. On receiving your approval, we will deploy the app on the App Stores. Now, the App is ready in all respects and available for downloads and use.

In fact, our Android app development relationship with you does not even end here. We will continue to support you in maintaining your app’s position in search results, removing bugs if at all they arise and providing updates as and when required.

Our Technology Stack for Android Applications Development

  • Programming Language: Kotlin, Java, XML
  • IDE: Android Studio
  • Database: SQLite, Realm
  • Tools: Android SDK, Android NDK
  • Frameworks: RetroFit, Glide, Picasso, Dexter, Dagger2

Why Us for Your Android App Development?

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation for discussing your queries and understanding your project requirements. Our app development experts will answer all of your questions related to your development project.

Experienced and Professional Android Developers

At Web Destiny, a trusted android app company, we have a team of professional Android app developers, who have implemented several Android app projects in different niche areas for enterprises in India and also outside the country.

Flexible Packages

We believe in providing flexibility to our customers when it comes to Android app development. That is why we have developed several packages to enable you to choose exactly you want for meeting your specific requirements and achieving the best outcomes.

Technical Support

Technical support is essential for the success of any app development project. Our technical team will provide all support needed right from the idea stage till the successful implementation of the project. Continued technical support will be available to you even after the implementation of the project at highly competitive rates as we at Web Destiny believe that it is an essential part of a long-term business relationship and it ensures beneficial outcomes for both of us.

100 Percent Transparency

As a reliable Android app development services provider, we believe in maintaining 100 percent transparency with all of our clients. We will, therefore, keep you updated on the various aspects related to the development of your Android app project and the progress of work at each stage of the development cycle.


Welcome to Web Destiny! Top iOS Mobile App Development Company!!

In about nearly a decade of our existence, we at Web Destiny have successfully implemented result-oriented iOS Apps to businesses across industry verticals in more than 27 countries around the world. These apps have greatly helped our clients in quickly achieving their long-cherished digital goals. Whether you are looking for prototyping, application architecture, or user experience/user interface, we have the experience and expertise to deliver quality at each and every stage of development so that your app idea can be converted into a popular iOS mobile app.

As one of the top app development companies in India, we cover the complete development cycle right from the concept stage to distribution. When it comes to iOS mobile app development, we leverage proven agile methodologies and in-house talent to deliver end-to-end custom solutions that work seamlessly on the entire range of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple watch.

Our iOS App Development Practices

As one of the best iOS Mobile App Developers in Kochi, we at Web Destiny write rock-solid codes to ensure that all of the mobile apps designed by us are of superior quality. We ensure that the content fits the screen and focus on clarity, depth, font size, and deference and design the User Interface elements with a 3D touch. Further, we follow the error protocol in order to handle logic errors to ensure that the application does not crash. Finally, when working on enterprise-level projects, we organize the project directories and make it very intuitive because many developers may be involved.

How Our iOS Mobile App Development Process Works?

Understanding Your Requirement

At Web Destiny, the best app developer in Kerala, we start the process by discussing with you in detail about your business. In the discussion, our skilled team members – project managers, developers, and designers – will be involved so that we are in a better position to execute the project successfully.

Wireframe and Prototype Creation

Based on the preliminary discussion and on the basis of your specific requirements, our designers will create a Wireframe that provides a clear idea about the app user’s journey in this stage of the iOS mobile app development.

Design of Architecture and Database

As the top iOS app developers in Ernakulam, our next step in the development process would be to design the architecture and database by employing best techniques and patterns. This ensures that the User Interface reflects the true essence of your business.

iOS Mobile App Development

Your iOS mobile app takes shape during this stage. Experienced app developers in our team create your app by following the best development practices as spelled out in in the Human Interface Guidelines. This is to ensure that you have a unique competitive advantage in your niche segment.

Testing and QA

As one of the top app development companies, we subject the app very rigorous tests in order to ensure its performance with respect to resource usage, responsiveness, scalability, and stability.

Deployment of the App

On completion of the testing process, the app, complete in respects as per your expectations, will be loaded on the app store so that you can launch it as planned.

The unique approach that we take for iOS mobile app development has resulted in the launch of effective products that have been appreciated by our customers around the world. The apps are also being downloaded as well as used by millions. As reliable iOS Mobile App Developers in Kochi, we always allocate experienced iOS developers who have special skills in designing iOS solutions to your project. Further, all of the iOS mobile app development services are done in-house at our Kochi office. We do not outsource work to other freelance developers. Another important aspect is that we follow the agile development procedure so that the risk is minimized, velocity is maximized, and transparency is maintained.

At Web Destiny, one of the most reliable iOS app developers in Ernakulam, we provide end-to-end iOS development services which include consulting, product strategy design, user experience, and user interface design, as well as app development, testing, and delivery. Moreover, when it comes to app store deployment, we handle the complete submission process. This includes listing, descriptions, and assets, among others. Finally, we never leave you, our esteemed iOS mobile app development customer, high and dry after launching the app. We offer very attractive and competitive support and maintenance packages to help you stay on top of the app upgrades and platform updates.

Tools and Technologies We Employ for iOS App Development


A powerful and versatile language for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS.


A development environment that offers tools for any best app developer to design solutions for Apple devices.

Objective C

We use Objective C and Swift to update code and future-proof your app where necessary.

Test Flight

Testflight is helpful in testing the beta version of your iOS apps.

Apart from these, the various other tools and technologies that we employ for iOS mobile app development include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, and Flinto. And, over the years, the verticals for which we have provided iOS app services include Healthcare, Finance, Fitness, Game, IoT, Logistics, Retail, Education, AR/VR, Social, and Wellness.

Why Us for Your iOS Application Development?

At Web Destiny, our expert app developers build futuristic iOS mobile applications by creating usable, functional and intuitive digital form factors that make your business perform better. Further, we have some of the best talents in the industry and they have the ability to take full ownership of iOS mobile app development projects and implement them successfully. We will work with you to understand your requirements clearly and follow best practices to ensure that your iOS app stands out among others in the market. As we have nearly a decade of solid experience in mobile app development, we can help you grow your business.

What Clients Say

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